Telehealth medication management services are available either as a standalone service or in conjunction with teletherapy. I will work with you if you are considering the benefits of taking psychotropic medication, wish to be maintained on a safe and effective medication regimen, or are contemplating discontinuing a medication and desire assistance with the tapering process. 

Psychotropic medication can play a supportive role in your healing process. Medication is rarely a magic bullet, but it can offer legitimate and highly effective benefits when thoughtfully selected and discerningly prescribed. Clients generally experience the most robust benefits from treatment when prescribed medication is combined with high-quality psychotherapy and is part of a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan that addresses multiple aspects of your emotional and physical health. 

If medication is not your preferred treatment method, I will explore safe alternatives including psychotherapy, nutrition therapy, supplements, and lifestyle factors such as dietary changes, physical activity, and sleep hygiene. 

Due to the nature of telehealth, and for safety reasons, I will not prescribe controlled substances. If I determine that a controlled substance is a necessary component of your treatment, I will seek to collaborate with your local providers to advocate for the medication that you need.