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Esselle John Hattom - Buddhist Counsellor

Esselle (Pronounced S-L) is an Iraqi-born American Buddhist teacher and author. He is also a practice partner at GentlyHeal.Me. Esselle has over a decade of Buddhist counselling experience and is author of the book 'The Heart Blooms in Silence: Reflections from a Year in Solitary Meditation' and of an upcoming book on freedom from anger.

He is a former human rights advocate who worked for ten years on behalf of oppressed religious minorities in the Middle East. He has studied law, philosophy, and English literature.

Esselle focuses on practices of awareness, harmlessness and Buddhist healing techniques that date back over 2,500 years.

Harmlessness, Wisdom & Awareness 

We need to learn to still our mind, which is inclined to overthink everything, so we can directly understand why we are prone to trauma, why we suffer, and why we experience joy only some of the time. Stilling the mind requires time and effort but can also be a joyful experience. As we learn to see how our engagement of ourselves and of the world can bring us down or lift us up, we learn to make wise choices in how we react. Having choices and choosing peacefulness and non-suffering is every human being's birthright and is available to everyone who applies themselves. 


Esselle is available for 45 minute appointments Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 4 p.m to 10 p.m. He does not charge any fees for his counselling services. If you find his services helpful, you are welcome to make donations to him here or to an animal welfare organization of your choice.

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